These are some of my favourite books – I highly recommend them:


The Looming TowerLawrence Wright

War GamesLinda Polman

The End of FaithSam Harris

Free WillSam Harris

In Defence of AtheismMichel Onfray

The God DelusionRichard Dawkins

A Devil’s ChaplainRichard Dawkins

Al-QaedaJason Burke

The 9/11 WarsJason Burke

Love, Poverty & WarChristopher Hitchens

The Trial of Henry KissingerChristopher Hitchens

The Portable AtheistA Collection of Essays (Selected by Christopher Hitchens)

No One Left To Lie ToChristopher Hitchens

The Caged VirginAyaan Hirsi Ali

InfidelAyaan Hirsi Ali

NomadAyaan Hirsi Ali

Attack Of The TheocratsSean Faircloth

Mullahs Without MercyGeoffrey Robertson

Pakistan On The BrinkAhmed Rashid


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